Containment Pressure Differential Filter (Regular Pricing)

Containment Pressure Differential Filter (Regular Pricing)

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Experience the CPD Filter Difference

There is no other product that offers the benefits of the CPD Filter. Our one-of-a-kind filter allows make-up air to enter any containment space while scrubbing the air using HEPA technology. Our filter removes and traps 99.97% of microbial particulates that have a size 3/10 of a micron, all while passing through a layer of activated carbon that removes noxious gases and volatile organic compounds that can cause odors.

·        Reduces strain on containment zone seals.

·        Allows for natural shifts in environment, such as any wind, man-made or mechanical changes.

·        Dramatically decreases failure rate of poly-containment walls and doors within containment zones.

·        Saves you time and money by optimizing efficiency on job sites.

Our guarantee: Containment walls that don’t fail, don’t need to be replaced, and don’t require unexpected maintenance and man hours. 100 percent satisfactionguaranteed!

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